May 18, 2017

Prevent cancer,its never too late

Healthyandhealth 1. Filter your tap water You’ll reduce your exposure to known or suspected carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals. A report from the President’s Cancer Panel on […]
May 16, 2017

Eating vegetables

Healthy and health “About half of the total U.S. population eats less than 1.5 cups of vegetables a day. And a whopping 87 percent don’t reach […]
April 12, 2017

Position manner,manner for everything

healthyandhealth What is good position manner? Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. Good […]
April 12, 2017

Why herbs are the best ?

Healthyandhealth Healthyandhealth.In general use, herbs are any plants used for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances for their savory or aromatic properties. Culinary use typically distinguishes herbs […]